Client Bio:

RT is the first Russian 24/7 English-language news channel and its website receives more than 3 million unique visitors every day.



News writing, feature writing, live text commentary

Objectives & Goals

Establish a popular and content-heavy sports section on


Reported on breaking sports news daily
Heavily research-led features produced
Covered a wide range of sports
Live text commentary for key events, including UFC, tennis and the Super Bowl
Controversial topics covered in-depth, such as Russian doping scandal


93% Complete


This was a unique project where JDG helped establish a sports section on their website from scratch over an 18 month period, before it was taken in house in 2017. Prior to our involvement, there had been no sports coverage and it soon turned in to a very popular and profit-making arm to RT’s overall offering.

The breadth and depth of work made it a challenging and exciting project, where a whole hosts of sports, clubs and athletes were covered.

Some example articles are listed with links to the website on the right.