Sport’s strangest rules and regulations

There is a heavy reliance on rules and regulations in sports, but what happens when certain unusual circumstances play their part? We took a look at some of the strangest sporting rules.

Ever been timed out in cricket for not getting your pads on quick enough? Maybe you forgot to sign your scorecard in golf and got disqualified from the tournament? Well if you have then you’ve been unlucky enough to get caught out by two of sports more unusual rules.

SBO’s new infographic has compiled some of the world’s weirdest sporting rules, scouring the rulebooks for ridiculous and long-forgotten statutes that still technically apply.

The rules seem to be so niche that you wonder how they ever became an official part of the game. Just imagine losing a game of chess because the referee rules that you are showing too much cleavage or having to replay a game in tennis because you simply took your cap off during a match.

Others include;

  • The driver who gets the most mentions in Formula-E receives a boost of power to their electric engine
  • In archery, each arrow must be marked with the initials or name of the archer and you are allowed only 40 seconds to fire each arrow.
  • Taking your shirt off during an athletics event will result in disqualification.
  • In baseball, if the ball becomes lodged within the umpire’s mask, then all runners will advance one base.

At some point or other, following a freakish or specific incident perhaps, these rules were officially written down and ratified. Only every now and then do they ever come up, and that’s usually in a pub quiz round.

Whether those circumstances will crop up in sport at some point in the future is beyond us, but sleep soundly knowing that the rule book has you covered.

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