The secret business lives of footballers

Clothing lines and sponsorships might be par for the course, but coffee brands, fintech, and video games? If you thought footballers just spent their free time causing scandals, read on…

Have you ever wondered what footballers spent all their money on? If you said their WAGs, you might be surprised by the new infographic from SBO, available here.

Just look at Ryan Bertrand – your first thought might not be his knack for finance, but you probably didn’t know he was on the trading floor from 18, and has used some of his football profits to set up fintech company Silicon Markets. He even lists it as his primary employment on his LinkedIn profile.

He also shares ownership of football emoji company Footiemoji with none than Chelsea captain, John Terry.

It’s astounding facts like this that feature in SBO’s new look into the business ventures footballers have made in their spare time. Did you know:

  •       Barcelona centre-back Gerard Piqué is not only a footballer and professional poker player, but         owns video game company Kerad Games?
  •       Centre-mid Andrés Iniesta has a successful wine label?
  •       New York midfielder Frank Lampard is a big, property magnate?  

But of course the biggest victory of all is Mainz forward Maximilian Beister’s Snaxcup – a vital piece of football-watcher gear that combines a plate and a cup to ensure you can carry both in one hand and use the other for a giant foam finger. A set of 25 costs only £9.50… Don’t all rush to buy them at once.

So if you thought Pelé’s only money-makers were football and books about it, or if you’ve ever wondered what Mathieu Flamini’s contribution to environmental science has been (and haven’t we all) then check out the full infographic here to see just how much you’ve been underestimating the sport’s biggest names.

View Interactive Version (via Sports Betting Online).

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