Hirsch story a reminder of the power of talking

As with many companies working in sport, JDG’s client portfolio covers a wide variety of different areas.

Our link-up with State of Mind to raise awareness of mental health issues, tackle stigma and signpost support to rugby league players and fans who do not access help is one which has focused our minds on those issues across sport as a whole.

Reaching out for help tends to be the biggest hurdle for people suffering with mental illness, which is why one particular story caught our eye this week.

Former NHL netminder Corey Hirsch had a long career at the pinnacle of ice hockey with the likes of New York Rangers and Vancouver Canucks, but it was also a time that was blighted by some deeply dark moments.

Hirsch shared his story with an in-depth post on The Players’ Tribune and it’s one which gives a fascinating insight into the troubles he had to endure.

Thankfully for Hirsch he appears to have safely navigated through his problems to emerge a stronger person, but it was the help of others that got him there.

The article was a reminder for us of the value of companies like State of Mind and the excellent work they do.

Hopefully Hirch’s story and others like it will inspire people to seek help if needed – remember, it really is good to talk.

(Image permission: B Bennett – Getty)

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