Game changer – Instagram rolls out multiple accounts functionality

As first revealed in a blog back in November, Instagram has been working on a multiple accounts function.

The good news it is now implemented across both iOS and Android, meaning marketeers are now able to control multiple accounts.

Previously, the tiresome process of logging out and logging back in again was required if you wanted to switch between accounts, which also meant missing out on notifications.

But now, you can add as many accounts as you wish, and each notification comes through with the appropriate username between square brackets. Neat.

It’s certainly making things easier for running our in-house platforms!

Instagram boost for sports marketeers

Instagram is the fastest growing social network, but so far, it has presented more frustrations than opportunities for someone in the sports marketing space.

Much of my social media focus goes on Twitter, but I finally joined the party on Instagram earlier this year. To be honest, I am yet to see any benefits to it other than it being another outlet to share various sporting photos – something which I was already doing on Facebook and Twitter anyway.

However, as more and more users filter in to the Instagram space, it becomes critical to investigate the benefits of Instagram for clients.

After all, the brands and clients we work for, as well as our own in-house projects, need to be where our customers are.

Sport is perfect for social media. It brings so many opportunities for content, and this remains the case on Instagram.

The frustration, as a sports marketing professional, is that there is no ability to manage multiple accounts.

So that means since starting to work for Widnes Vikings, my own personal Instagram has taken a hit, as it’s the official Widnes account that takes preference on my phone.

Could this explain why a significant number of brands and sports clubs are yet to take up accounts in the Instagram space?

It is certainly something that is holding us back when it comes to Love Rugby League.

On the flip side, it does mean that Instagram hasn’t yet been overtaken by the incessant marketing messages of companies – much like Facebook and Twitter has in parts.

Of course, Facebook and Twitter was like this in the past before commercial reality set in, and Instagram may start to lose some of its magic once marketeers get to grips with it.

But as someone who wants to use Instagram to provide unique and exciting content to an audience, being able to manage multiple accounts on my iPhone will certainly encourage me to use it more, and that can only be a positive.

The good news is – it’s coming. A test is currently being rolled out on Android devices.